What We Do


People Safe Solutions TM is Stahl & Associates Insurance’s proprietary, behavioral based safety program, led by our in-house Vice President of Safety and Loss Control Team.

Kiah Candid, our Vice President of Safety is a nationally recognized safety authority and has OSHA VPP Status.

Safety & Loss Prevention Services

A comprehensive safety program not only drives down costs, but influences culture and leads to a better workplace. People Safe Solutions™ is a proactive approach to safety and loss control, based on Root Cause Analysis. Fundamental to its success are the Incident Prevention Process, Proactive Safety Analysis Survey, Management strategy sessions, and regularly scheduled safety meetings.

No two businesses are alike, and People Safe Solutions is custom tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, and their employees. Our Safety and Loss Control Team work with our clients to get a clear picture of the organization, including operations, current safety practices, work conditions, and loss history. Human capital is evaluated and risk vulnerability and patterns of unsafe work behaviors are identified.

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, and employee buy-in, our team builds a customized safety program. This often includes OSHA training and compliance, industry and field training, fleet safety and driver training, Accident Investigation Reporting and processes, and light duty/ Return to Work programs.